»  Letter: Thursday, January 7(?), 1993

    Muriel Littlehales to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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31. Prestbury Rd.
Birmingham.  B6.6ER

Dear Rosie & John.

We are thinking of you enjoying your little daughter, I'm sure she is beautiful with Rosie for her mother, Not much to talk about, we potter quietly on, visiting Win every Wednesday & Saturday, don't know what she will do if we get some nasty weather and or we go to Heaven first. An elderly gentleman has bought the cottage,[1]  he wants to move in as soon as possible, this was the last week in Dec  so we hope it will be finalized next week. That will be one less thing to worry about, I don't know if Tess[2] told you about the Home. It wouldn't suit her (she said) but we find it warm, cosy, well run, good food, second helpings and a supper trolley, which is more than Tess gets, plus an early cup of tea, we get cups of tea, and dinner if we want it. All very free and cheerful. Well! we wouldn't have let her go anywhere, of course  She frets but as we know she is well looked after we try to ignore her complaints. Don't know what we have done to deserve all this hassle

I do wish we could have a cuddle with Elinore, and send her something, however, the pound being as it is with the dollar, we will have to leave it until we meet. Hoping it won't be too long.

Tell Rosie to try to take life easy, buy her a rocking chair, they are just what my Mum firmly believed in, especially if baby gets restless, a good rock helps baby & Mum, while Dad cooks a meal washes up, and does a little light housework. Looking forward to a photo and a report, when you have time.

Our love to the three of you

Mu and Fred.  X X X



  1. That is, Auntie Win's cottage at 23 Laburnum Street in Stourbridge, Worcestershire.
  2. My mother.