»  Letter: Wednesday, March 31, 1993

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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J.R. Derbyshire
Lister House
105 Boughton Green Road
Northampton  NN2 7LS

John & Lynette Derbyshire
15 Chestnut Street
Huntington  NY 11743

March 31st

My darling children, Rose & John,

received the lovely picture of the little Princess, she is so lovely & a great credit to you both. She is watching me now as she stands on my desk & her chubby little dimpled face seems to regard me with a little mischievous smile that makes me smile too. Thank you both very much, she has been cooed over by everyone here & all agree — she's lovely. Rose, I have your little pansy picture on my dressing table, it gives me great pleasure. did you know that pansies means thoughts of you.[1]  It was very thoughtful of you dear to pick this card. I love pansies, they too have little faces  My birthday flowers, well, most of them are still going strong & again have given me great pleasure. It's pouring with rain today. We've had very cold winds, I did sit out a bit one day but it was quite cold. I'm glad you are having some sunny spells at last. I agree with you John it has seemed a very long winter but the nights are lighter & the pink cherry trees are in blossom. Life goes on in the same deadly way here  carers come & go, if boredom killed I should be dead long ago. It's only my family & the happy days that keep me going. I don't know whether Judith is away for Easter, she hasn't said anything so far. John I wrote to Chan, I hope my letter will cheer him up a bit. I told him you hold him in great esteem & because he'd been so good to you, so did I. How will he fare when the takeover comes? I told him about our little princess & how happy I am for you with your lovely family. Rosie, dear, I understand how you feel, but things will get better I'm sure, you wouldn't have such a lovely baby if you were a poor mother, she is a great credit to you. I hope that now you are having better nights & you have Spring & Summer ahead you will begin to feel better  I can picture you in the garden  I hope the rats have gone they are hateful things. Do you have any pest control near who could deal with them. Keep your chin up love. We all love you & think of you & admire you for your pluck.

Lots of love


Give her cuddles & kisses for me  X X X X X X X X



  1. By homophony with French pensées, I suppose.