»  Letter: Sunday, October 3, 1993

    E.A. Derbyshire to Lynette Derbyshire

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October 3 1993

Darling Rose,

This is to wish you a very happy birthday & many more to come  I am sending it early to ensure you get it in time. Did you know Phil's is on the same day? he's 47!! The card is one of my special ones, made especially for you. You'll always be John's little rose to me & I thought this very appropriate. Loads of love come with it. You are always in my thoughts & I wonder if you have news of your mother, I think of her too. The latest pictures of you all are so lovely, & it does my heart good to see you all looking so well & happy. I hope you enjoyed your "break" in Vermont. It is very damp & dreary here with fogs & rain but it will soon be Xmas & then Spring & out little Princess will soon be 1 year old. she is so beautiful Rose. her dear, sweet little face is all around me, I speak to her often. I need some more frames, for her & you & John & pray to whatever Gods are listening to keep you all safe & well & watch over you. Love you very much as ever

Your loving Mum




        Thought the enclosed bits would amuse you. The latest news here is that Psycho-Geriatrics being sent out into the community — hospitals & wards being closed — such as St. Edmunds & St. Crispins. These types of old people who can't be cared for by relatives are having to go into these homes & some are so aggressive they are attacking carers & some have been quite seriously injured, the carers I mean. The situation is very worrying for families  Thank God John, I can remain lucid & fairly independent, we've had several of this kind of poor old thing here one fell down in the night & broke her hip, she's now in hospital & I hope she doesn't come back here, she was very unpleasant, her habits very anti-social, so is old Lottie in the room next to me, she was banging on my door in the night & very noisy & demented. She's had a fall & cannot get out of bed now. She's 97 & shits all over the place. so does [?] & Ellen who's 103. Awful.