»  Letter: Sunday, October 24, 1993

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Lister House

Sunday.  25.10.93[1]

My darling children,

These little mitts were knitted by one of the old ladies for the little Princess to keep her little hands warm. I'm sorry Rose we couldn't thread some ribbon through the wrists  it's so difficult when one can't go shopping espeically when it's for smaller items  Clothes can be bought by mail order, but even then there can be problems & the bother of returning goods if not satisfactory & the long wait for delivery. I recently sent for some underwear for winter & the pants would fit a 10 foot giant!!  sometimes the goods are not as good looking as shown in the catalogues. I think I'll have to become a nudist!! Rosie, darling you know I am thinking of you constantly & wonder how you are coping now with your great loss. Knowing how brave & stoical you are I'm sure after the first shock, you will meet the future with your great courage. John tells me how you are & keeps me up to date. He told me about her climbing the stairs, she is so clever & I'm sure she will be walking soon, you need eyes all round your head love, her progress is amazing, she is so sharp to have worked things out so early. I bless you all a million times a day. The clocks went back 1 hour today so we are now on Winter time. Ugh! hate it, dark at 5 o'clock but when Xmas has passed there will be Spring to look forward to & I hope bring happier times for you Rose

My love & good wishes for you all

Mum X X X X X X X X X X X  Boris



  1. The day should be the 24th, Mum got it wrong.