»  Letter: Tuesday, November 30, 1993

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Nov. 30th

My darling children

trying to do some Xmas cards. its freezing fog, & now 10.30 am. I had no heating on this morning, so very wheezy; no one seemed to know how to adjust it, but Peggy Lister just came in & was very cross about it. However, it's O.K. now. so am just warming up. I hope you are warm Rosie, Winter has come early & the "Powers that be" have forecast a long, hard winter, but I'm optimistic. It will soon be the shortest day & a New Year so Spring won't be far behind & little Nellie will be one year old how quickly time seems to have flown, this time last year we were all agog, waiting for Her, Bless her, she is a great joy to you & a great comfort to Rose  She will soon begin to talk & walk & become even more enchanting. Rosie dear, I hope the pain & grief are easing a little for you, you are always in my thoughts. I know there will be times when it's hard to bear dear and I feel for you & I say a prayer to help you get through. For all this, I hope you will have a happy & peaceful Xmas. I try to picture you all. It is a time of nostalgia & sadness for old people, remembering past Xmas's when one's children were young & it was all so exciting. I don't write so well now John, my right hand is very swollen & painful  the cold weather doesn't help, butI mustn't grumble.

We now have a 92 yr old gentleman resident but I haven't seen him yet, I daresay when he sees 12 old ladies he'll "dive" for cover! Dear old Ellen died on Saturday. She was only a few days off her 103rd birthday  She just died very quickly & quietly after lunch, which is the best way. I miss her, I really liked the old dear. All for now my darlings. Hugs & kisses & loads of love to you all. Take care of yourselves, you are all very precious.