»  Letter: Tuesday, December 14, 1993

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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E. A. Derbyshire
"Lister House"
105, Boughton Green Rd

John & Lynette R. Derbyshire
15, Chestnut Street
New York

Dec. 14th 1993

My darlings Rose & John.

I'm sending this small sum to buy Her Majesty & Rose, if there's enough, a little something for her 1st birthday. I've asked Judith to get me a card for her, but with the Xmas rush I thought I'd get in early. There's nothing doing here yet, except a small articicial tree, Peggy doesn't like Xmas, she says it costs too much money & makes too much work!! I don't care, I've got a tiny little tree Judith brought me & lots of cards around. Margaret Ives is coming tomorrow. I got her a box of chocs  she's such a good friend.  Rose dear, you know you are in my mind & heart constantly. I hope the pain of your loss has eased a little  I can't believe a year has gone by. & little Nellie is almost one year old.  this year seems to have flown by. John has told me of her little problem. I hope it can be sorted out satisfactorily soon. The enclosed cutting was in a magazine someone bought me. I thought the information may be useful. Several of the old dears here have got coughs & colds, so I keep away as much as I can & so far have escaped.

I shall be thinking of you at Xmas. Judith usually picks me up 12ish & I'm back for tea at 5 pm but I shall be speaking to you before then.

Keep well, love you all very much. All for now, it's bed time. As always

Hugs & Kisses