»  Letter: Sunday, January 16, 1994

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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E. A. Derbyshire
105 Boughton Green Rd.
Lister House, Kingthorpe
Northampton   England
NN2. 7L.S.

John & Lynette Derbyshire
15, Chestnut Street
New Yory 11743
U.S A.

January 16th 1993

My darling children,

Sorry I've been so long, Rose dear in answering your sweet letter. I've been waiting for the snapshots to come, but so far they haven't arrived. I am very disappointed, but maybe my son may have sent them surface mail, we shall see.! The news that our little princess is walking is wonderful, now you will need eyes in the back of your heads! I try to picture her  What does Boris think to this little two legged creature now? It is a sunshiny day here, but quite cold, the nights are shortening, it's quite light now till 4.30
pm. and the snowdrops are out, daffodil bulbs shooting, signs of spring all around, I am so looking forward to sitting out once again. I hope by the time you get this your wintry condititions will have abated  I'm always glad to see the back of January and February, I hate the cold weather. Life is very dreary here, I can't sit in the lounge, its so smelly and stuffy, the other ladies so dull and depressing, I spend most of the day in my room. I'm sure Peggy doesn't approve, but I prefer my own company. Books, jigsaws, cross words, etc., though my most days I just sit and dream. and think.
Rose, dear, I do understand how you feel, it takes a long time to come to terms with your sad loss, I too think of your mother, and am sad for you both. It makes me feel very selfish and guilty when I whinge about my life  I wish things could have turned out happier for you both, but I'm sure, where ever she is dear, she's watching over you and the little one and knows you love her. Happier times are ahead darling and your little daughter will bring you much joy and love. Rose you have brought love to so many people who have come to know you and I say with all sincerity, to me. I only wish I could show you in a more positive way, but I love you and am very proud of my little Chinese daughter, from my heart. I mean it. You are a wonderful wife and mother and I want every one to know that, especially my son, which I'm sure he does. May 1994 bring you much joy and happiness, good health and prosperity, and hopefully to see you once again. We talk of you, Judy and I  and have a chuckle when we think of little princess and the things she does.
I tell John on the phone of any family matters. Much love to you all

God bless  X X

X X X X X         Mother.