»  Letter: Sunday, June 12, 1994

    E.A. Derbyshire to Lynette Derbyshire

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Lister House
      Sunday.  12.6.94

Dearest Lynette Rose,

I hope you have recovered now from your very hectic week  It was great to see you & John & my beautiful & charming granddaughter, though I know it was very tiring for you all. It went by so quickly we never seemed to have time to have a good chat, but I just can't believe you have been & gone again  Everyone thought little Nellie quite lovely, I see her dear little face before me & her cute little ways will be with me for ever. Thank you dear for coming, I realize what a gruelling journey it was for you all, now John has to be away again so soon,[1]  it hardly gives him time to recover from his "bug"  I was very sad after you went home, but back to routine again now, with some lovely memories. Noel rang to see if you had arrived home safely & they too were delighted to see you & were charmed with the "little one," & with you. Judith & I talked about you both all the time when she came on Thursday. You are in my thoughts every moment, I live every day over & over. I feel very sad that I am of no practical use to you, I can only give you my love & every good wish for your happiness. Give her a cuddle & kiss for me dear,

Your very loving
(2nd) Mother

X X X.  I hope you get this while John is away & then you'll know I'm thinking of you.



  1. My employers sent me to London on business that month.