»  Letter: Sunday, July 10, 1994

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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E. A. Derbyshire
Lister House
15 Boughton Green Road
Kingsthorpe,  Northampton
England,  NN2 7SU

John & Lynette Derbyshire
15, Chestnut Street
New York 11743

July 10th 1994

My darling children,

Sunday morning again, the sun is shining, birds are twittering, but it's not my favorite day. However, must tell you how lovely to get the photos. I keep them near me & take them out & gaze & gaze at them, I have to smile at her dear little face & love to see you & Rose together John, I so want you to be happy. There's a very sad case here, some woman dressed as a nurse walked into a Maternity Ward & took a 4 day old baby out of her father's arms, saying she was taking the baby for a hearing test, & they haven't been seen since  The parents were so happy, they already have a little boy & were thrilled to have a baby girl. Now of course they are quite distraught. Despite widespread searching & appeals on TV & radio with a reward of £25 000, no-one has come forward, except some man who said he was the woman's husband phoned the BBC to say he knew where the baby was & would get her returned.  he hasn't rung since  The Police think this is a hoax. Wicked buggers! It's a week since it happened, surely someone somewhere knows something. Now police are wondering if the child has been sold & taken out of the country or is she still alive. "They" say the woman is sick & needs sympathy. I say she wants locking up  — if she's ever found. My heart goes out to the poor parents, I think of our little darling, it must be unbearable. Another little 3 yr old out to get an ice cream just outside her home found murdered in a house almost next door. It took police 3 days to find her & arrest a man. It makes me sick & weary of this world John. This is a depressing letter!! Marcus is fine, Judy moves on the 25th, her phone No will be the same. I found the snap of the bridge, I really didn't recognize it till after you mentioned it. Peg's on the rampage  she has two empty rooms & tells us how high her bills are & so on. She's sacked one girl & the others are fed up. She's told them they've got to work harder for their money! The conservatory is twice as big & she says shes got to pay another £500 on the house, whatever that means. We think she's been on the fiddle someway & has been found out. There's been one or two official looking men about all week & she's in a foul mood. Ann & Linda & Jan say they are looking for other jobs. They are her 3 best so I should be very sorry if they left. Anyway my love to you 4