»  Letter: Sunday, November 27, 1994

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Mrs E. A. Derbyshire
Lister House
105, Boughton Green Rd
Kingsthorpe, Northampton
England.  NN2 7LS

Lynette & John Derbyshire
15 Chestnut Street
New York 11743

November 27th 1994

My darling Rose & John, Princess & Little blob, not forgetting Boris,

it was lovely speaking to all last Thursday, although it was all by phone, I felt my family were altogether. I was wonderful to hear Nellie say "Nanna" so clearly from 3000 miles away & to be able to speak to Rose. I do hope you are feeling better Rose & that your dinner party went off well, it was a big undertaking for you dear when you were feeling so low. Do take care love, rest when you can. I know that's not easy with a lively, mischievous sprite like Nellie, you need eyes all round. I pray for your well being & happiness Rose & that you will have a lovely healthy baby, I think you are a wonderful wife & mother dear & Nellie is a great credit to you. I only wish I could help you out more in practical ways, I feel so helpless stuck in this useless frame  I can only say my love & thoghts are with you every minute & I am very proud of you. I loved it when you called me mother, it made me feel that you really love me & that in some small way I can help you bear the loss of your own mother. I like to think that somewhere she is watching over you & she knows how much I love you. I know John will support you in every way, he loves you dearly & when your baby is born his lovely family will be all in all to him. John darling, this is really Rose's letter, she'll need all the love & support we can all give her  it's not easy coping with a lively 2 year old & another pregnancy, feeling sick & facing the long months ahead, but at the end it all seems worthwhile & another child will bring you as much joy as little Nellie has. Now, Rose seems to have more friends this time
Spring & Summer is ahead & you have much to be thankful for my son, keep me "posted" & take good care of yourselves. Rose, I'm told ginger is very good at this time & used greatly in Chinese medicine & is a great help with sickness in pregnancy. I love ginger myself.[1] Get all the help you can, dear.  Take care, Love, love you    Mother.   X X X X X X X X



  1. True. Ginger was a very occasional treat in my childhood. Somebody — a grateful relative of one of Mum's patients, probably — brought back a porcelain jar filled with pickled ginger from some overseas trip. We ate the ginger with great gusto, and the jar was an ornament on the windowsill of Mum & Dad's bedroom for years afterwards.