»  Letter: Sunday, April 23, 1995

    E.A. Derbyshire to Lynette Derbyshire

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E. A. Derbyshire
Lister House,  105, Boughton
 Green Rd, Kingsthorpe,
Northampton  England

Lynette R. Derbyshire
15, Chestnut Street
NY 11743  U.S.A.

Sunday  April 24th 1995[1]

Darling Rose,  I'm writing this, just to let you know I'm thinking of you. Your are always in my thoughts  and wondering how you are  John gives me a bulletin when he rings on Friday, but it's nice to get a letter. Not long now love, but I think the last 2 months seem to drag more. I pray for your happiness & well being at this weary time & with a lively 2 year old as well. John tells me what a "live wire" she is but I'm sure she is a comfort to you as well, how I would love to see her  she's so cute. My writing is very poor now, my hand is more arthritic & painful & I have a job to hold the pen. I only write to you now. My brain seems to get fuddled, my memory worse & my movements more spastic & slow. I really hate myself. Judith took me out to lunch Easter Sunday with Phillip, Marcus, Tess & Paul — Tess's latest man. He was very nice, friendly & at ease. He's 37, divorced & works as Chief Electrician at the National Theatre where Tess works in her spare time. It is a lovely day today (so far), but this last week we've had snow, rain sleet & bits of sunshine in between winds & quite cold still. How I long to see a fire & sit in a cosy room. We have some very odd people here now. so I stay in my room. I don't do anything any more  My eyesight is not so good, I've lost interest in everything  just wait for Thursday when Judith comes & Friday when John rings & gives me news of you three  You won't be able to do anything in the garden now Rose, take it as easy as you can dear. We here are waiting axiously for you & with you & pray for a safe & happier delivery than you had with Nellie  I know you will have a beautiful baby again  Give my regards & good wishes to your father & family  I hope your brothers health has improved  My love to my darlings not forgetting the dog! As always

Devoted Mother    X X X X X

Noel wants to know if you got their parcel after Xmas.



  1. Sunday was actully the 23rd, and the postmark says 23rd.