»  Letter: Sunday, May 21, 1995

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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J.R. Derbyshire
Co/ Lister House
105 Boughton Green Rd.
Northampton, NN2 7SU

John & Lynette Derbyshire
15, Chestnut Street,
Huntington N.Y. 11743

Sunday. May 21st 1995

My darling children,
      Thought you might be interested in these bits. Of course there was a lot of "Black Market" going on & always the "Spivs" who could supply anything at a price  Dad would come home with a joint of pork or whatever & all the factories he visited would give him sugar & butter so we were better off than some  The word would go round that bananas or oranges were "in" & we queued up. to receive one if lucky or 2 tomatoes. Shop windows were boarded up with just a spy hole in the middle  One could stand for hours in a queue for a pair of shoes. I begged & borrowed old & cast off clothes to make you trousers or a coat for Judith but we survived  I'm thrilled at your news of the baby's gender, it's great to have one of each & see how quickly Nellie has grown. It will be hard at first Rose, butI just wish you had someone to tide you over for a few weeks, if you cope as well as you've done with Nellie you'll be fine  Encourage her to help you if it's only to "fetch & carry"  I think of you all the time Rose & pray for a safe & trouble free delivery. One thing worries me John if the baby decides to come in the night how will you cope with Nellie, you can't leave her alone while you take Rose to Hospital  I grieve I can't help you  Is there anyone who'll help you out. The photos are lovely, I like them all but the smiley one most. Isn't it exciting, who knows you'll be a famous author yet. I'm very proud of you both. Nothing new here  You take care  It will soon be here.
      Loads of love to you all.

X X X       Rose
X X X X   Nellie
X X X       John
    X          Boris