»  Letter: Sunday, May 28, 1995

    E.A. Derbyshire to Lynette Derbyshire

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Sunday, May 28th 1995

Darling Rose,

It was lovely to have a little chat with you on Friday last. You are in my thoughts every minute  I send my love & concern for you over the air waves, counting the days now & I know too that your dear mother where ever she is is watching over you. I like to think whoever your Gods & mine are with you too & bring you a safe delivery. I hope too that this little one will bring you as much love & joy as John has given me over 50 years, a few tears of course, but soon forgotten. I think life as been good to him, a lovely loyal wife, a darling little girl, a lovely boy, a good place to live & the brains to make a good living. What more can one ask. I only hope the coming years will be good to you all in Health & success, joy in your family life & of course good health & good fortune & above all courage to face any bad bits
      Love you all very much
      God bless you all.
           As ever

I was going to send Nelly the card inside  I thought she'd be excited to get a pretty card from Nanna now she's growing up.   X X X X
My writing is very bad now. Hope you can understand it John!!