»  Letter: Sunday, October 1, 1995

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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E. A. Derbyshire
Lister House
105 Boughton Green Rd.
Kingsthorpe, Northampton
NN2 7SU  England

John & Lynette Derbyshire
15 Chestnut Street
NY 11743  NY.

Sunday  1.10.95.

A lovely day, sunshine a bit cool but not cold, windy, but quite pleasant. Just to let you know my darlings, I received the lovely portrait & snaps. She is quite beautiful, so is Daniel. They have been shown around & much admired. I have put the snaps in my album & her picture on my dressing table. Every Sunday, I get my albums out & go through them so I have a good picture of her & you both too from Day 1. I can't write very well now John, my right hand can't control the pen so well, so printing takes a long time & my eyes not so good. Still waiting for my new teeth  I've had a filling & they are much better  I think they'll do fine  then Peggy says she'll get the optician, but will probably need to go see a specialist at NGH. but it may be some time to get an appointment!! The N.H.S. has gone down the pan, Drs refusing to make night visits & very few day ones, its very chaotic, like everything else here. Today, all goods have to go metric so small shops are going down the pan so to speak, committing more chaos. I'm hurrying now as it's lunch time & I want one of the girls to post this  Once again darling, thank you for your love & caring, loads of love  hugs & kisses for the children. Take care. Love you all as ever

           Mum    X X X X X