»  Letter: Sunday, May 26, 1996

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Sunday 10 am

My darling son,

Another year has gone by, they seem to fly by now. I'm a bit mixed up this week, I thought tomorrow was the May 20th but of course it isn't & I paniced a bit  I thought this card would be late so probably it might be a bit early as Cathy (carer) is going to post it for me  It's not the card I wanted but there isn't much choice at the little shops but it comes with much love as always. Wishing you good health & Every success for your books, you've made a good start! Well, the pictures came yesterday — they are as usual beautiful & have been much admired & drooled over. Rose looks so serene & lovely & Nellie is quite beautiful. Daniel a dear & lovely little fellow & the two of them together delightful  I think Nelly takes after Rose & Daniel looks much like you at that age  Rose, dear, they are a credit to you & as their far away Grandmother I am so proud of you all & just want to gather you all in my arms & give a big cuddle & kisses. I keep the pictures near me so I can keep having a look. Rose darling I want to ring you more often, but I have to choose the right time for both of us. I know you understand. The bit I've sent you out of the evening paper of Lottie & her 100th birthday & Angela (carer). Well if I get like Lottie John please have me (put down) its too gruesome. Am I being wicked?

The weather is still very capricious  dull & wet but I think not quite so cold. I am always thinking of you all & loving you. Take care & stay your lovely caring selves. Tell Nellie the picture is of an old lady where Nanna lives & her nurse, who looks after me. Peggy says she'll never put my fee up because I'm no trouble & all the girls love me! Be happy, keep well