»  Letter: Wednesday, July 3, 1996

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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J.R. Derbyshire.
Lister House
Kingthorpe  Northampton
NN4 7SU.   England

Mr & Mrs J. Derbyshire
15, Chestnut Street,
Huntington  NY

July 3rd 1996

Darlings — Rose & John

I hope this will get Daniel some small birthday present and a little something for Nellie, one must not give one without the other  If there's enough for a bottle of wine drink to his 1st birthday. I'm happy you had a nice holiday, it all goes too quickly but it makes a change  whatever. I'm finding writing very difficult to do now so excuse scribble & brevity  You know I love you all very much & you all are forever in my thoughts & prayers. Rose, dear, I don't ever want you to think I don't think about you & your long days with the children, house and garden  I know it seems a never ending grind, but it won't last forever & when the chicks have flown the nest, you'll wonder what it was all for and they'll repay you with the love & respect you deserve. My legs get weaker. I'm quite ready "to go" when the call comes. On bad days I think it can't be long. I'm always very tired & have niggly pains here & there & wonder what it all means. I hope I can see you all just once more, but if not, then it has to be — "so be it,"  Life goes on & memories help to bear the pain of loss, Rose knows only too well this is so. It's a horrible day  wet, dreary & windy, no warmth anywhere, no sunshine for days. I'll get Judy to post this tomorrow

Lots of love & kisses &
Good wishes

As always
Loving Mother & Nanna

X X  Nellie
X X  Daniel
    X  Boris