»  Letter: Sunday, July 28, 1996

    E.A. Derbyshire to Lynette Derbyshire

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J.R Derbyshire
Lister House, Kingsthorpe
Boughton Green Rd.
England NN4 7LS.

Rose Lyneet Derbyshire.
15, Chestnut Street,
Huntington, New York
11743 U.S.A.

July 28th, 1996

My darling Rose and family,

This is just for you really to thank you for your sweet card and love, all the lovely snaps. They are delightful. I am having some difficulty in coping with the album. It really needs two hands but I'm hoping Marcus will pop in and get him to help. My right hand is now very painful  I can no longer hold a pen for long  or see so well. Don't worry dear about writing back quickly, I know those little imps keep you busy. I will give you a call when I can  John keeps me up to date but I don't want you to feel left out. You are always in my heart and thoughts  My prayers are for your happiness and well being and for your family. It does my heart good to see you loking so happy & lovely, John too of course and the children  Your pictures radiate happiness and well being, every one says so not only me. It is also making me very happy to know you now have a new friend living so near to you. It will be good for Nellie too & will help your long day along to have a good neibor  I am reasonably well, my legs not so good & my eyesight dodgy. But the thoughts of seeing you all before I die keep me going. Judy and Phil are in Scotland for 2 weeks so I shall have no visitors till they come back. Have a happy time with Tess and little Kesta.[1] She is a dear little girl, but Tess says she's a little bugger  She screams so loudly and demands a lot of attention. Perhaps you could pass on some of your good knowledge!! Well! my darling I shall have to finish now, love you all very much  wish I was a millionaire and could help more  I'd love to see their dear little faces  If I cold send them some lovely parcels. Tons of love to you all and regards to your father. As always, devoted Mum & Granny.



  1. At about this time, Tessa's husband came to the U.S.A. on tour with his theater company. He brought Tessa and Kesta (six months old) with him. We all had dinner together at a restaurant in Mystic, Connecticut.