»  Letter: Monday, September 9, 1996

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Mrs J. R. Derbyshire
o. Lister House
105 Bougton Green Rd
Northampton NN2 7SU.

Mr and MrsJ.Derbyshire.
15 Chestnut Street
Huntington  NY 11743-7104
U.S A.

Monday  9.9.96

My darlings, John and Rose. I got your letter and contents today. Thank you John. The reviews are just great, excellent  I am very proud and pleased for you. It bodes well for the future, I'm sure your next book will be looked forward to  It was lovely to hear Nellie's sweet voice on Sunday tell her, and to have a little chat with Rose. Rose you are very forbearing with John while hes writing and working, you don't have as much time together as you should but I'm sure the future holds better things for you both. I think writing a book is like waiting for a baby — not so painful!! but just as rewarding when its done!! I wish I was more use to you and could take the little ones off your hands now and then but I'm no use to anyone now, in a state of limbo really, just waiting. There's nothing much here to write about  Peggy has 2 empty beds for ages  She says Social Services no longer can afford to pay for so many people in care  They now say families have got to look after them!! Impossible in many cases I think. Another new "rule" is if someone is terminally ill hospital won't take them. They have to stay where they are. One old dear here two weeks ago was put in a chair in the annex b[y] the front door, she looked ghastly. More like a corpse, awful to see her when we went through to the dining room. She died a few days afterwards  I thought it quite cruel.

Its quite autumnal now dull & dreary very little sun or warmth. Roll on Xmas. Marcus said hed come to see me, but he hasn't been yet. Noel rang on Sunday. Very worried about himself  Says he's had a scan but nothing to see. He thinks he's got asthma  He's got to see his own Dr  Muriel rang Sunday, ful of the miseries. Upset because Judy hasn't rung her — she wants me to tell her off, more than my life is worth! I told her do her own dirty work!! She rarely rings me. How sweet of Rose's Dad to send Nelly books & tapes, she will appreciate them when she's older. She's only a little girl yet. Lots of love to you all. Will call again soon.

X X X X  Mother. X X X