»  Letter: Monday, October 28, 1996

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Mrs J.R. Derbyshire
Lister House
105 Boughton Green Rd
Northampton.  Kinsthorpe
NN2 7.S.U. England

John and Rose.L.Derbyshire.
15, Chestnut Street
Huntington  N.Y. 11743

October 28th 1996

My darling children,

Thank you very much for the letter & cheque I received this morning. I am very grateful. I'll get Judy to bank it on Wednesday when she comes. I really hate having to ask you for money, John. I'd rather give than take. I feel I'm robbing you. I'm going to write to the Social Services to see if they'll increase my income support. I'll tell you what the situation is at the moment. I pay Peggy £225 per week (that is £860 every 4 weeks.).  Up to now I get £185.04 weekly, made up of my OAP which is £65.24 weekly, Attendance Allowance £48.50 weekly, Income Support £41.76. weekly. My nurse's pension £189.75 monthly roughly gives me £47 weekly. I make this £203.20 a week. Over the years I've put the rest of the fee out of my meagre savings. (I've never been very good at sums  Anything left at the end of the month goes towards the next £860 for Peggy, so I'm now at the end of any savings I had. I hope you can make sense of this. I have £30 a month pocket money, which pays my daily & 2 weekly papers. My hair every 2 weeks £3.50, my feet every 6-8 wks £7  I buy odds & ends such as toiletries. & any tablets — i.e. painkillers etc. & of course any clothing I need, stamps & sundries. Telephone quarterly & £42 & quarterly L.I. Premium which ends when I'm 85 next March. If I die before then they pay out £2,900 plus so I hope there will be £1000 each for you & Judy & £1000 any funeral expenses. It's up to you & Judy what you do with it  £1000 isn't much I know, when I think of the thousands I've paid Peggy over the years I could cry, but then I'd have to have paid other bills so I suppose it equals out.!  I'm so sorry I haven't more to leave you & my little darlings. I'd hoped I'd die before I became a burden on you both but that is not in my hands. I don't want to become senile  I hope I die before I get to that stage, but I love you all so much, nor do I want to leave you till I've seen you both & the children again. I worry about your health & safety, I pray for you all every waking minute. Again thank you both & your babies for giving me so much love & caring. I consider myself a very lucky mother, grandmother. Rose has made me very happy too for loving you & giving you her love & support & two lovely babies.

X X X X X X X X X X   Mother  X X