»  Letter: Sunday, January 5, 1997

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Jan 5th  1997   My darling children  John, Rose, Nellie, Daniel, Boris & violet.  It is Sunday & I don't have a newspaper today, so I thought I would write to you as I have these lovely letter cards, part of presents I had in my stocking at Xmas. It is a very important day as my sweet grand-daughter[1] is 4 years old today. My, what a lovely a lovely young lady you are sweeteart, I hope for all the good things in life for you darling, good health and courage to face whatever happens that sometimes isn't very nice I hope you will love & respect your parents who love you dearly and your little brother too. Brothers and sisters are also very special people. Judy popped in on Saturday morning with a large bag of goodies from Auntie Muriel, they called there on their way back from Shrewsbury, where they had spent New Year. John, I'll tell you more when you ring. Rose dear I wish for all you wish yourself. You know I love you dearly, only wish I could see you more but you are always in my heart & thoughts  I wish I wasn't so far away & could be more help to you. Keep warm & well & loads of love & good wishes for 1997.  Regards to your Dad.  LOVE   MOM  XXXX



  1. Nellie.