»  Letter: Sunday, January 19, 1997

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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Mrs E A Derbyshire
(105) Lister House.  Boughton Green Rd.
    Northampton England
NN2 7SU .

John & Rose Lynette Derbyshire.
15 Chestnut Street
Huntington  N.Y. 11743.

11.30 am  Jan. 19th 1997


My Darlings

Here I am again. Thinking of you all. And wondering what you are do– Though I expect you are all still in Dreamland. Rose, darling I have an amarylis Judy bought me and though the main stem is more than a foor long and there is a large bud like thing at the end I can't see any sign of flowers yet. The stem is thick and red half way up  I water it every week but it does not show any signs of flowering. I compare it with yours in your photos. Am I being too impatient dear. When will the bud pop? It is in the window  Is it warm enough do you think? It's driving me potty — excuse the pun John. I find it difficult to write hence the scribble. Nellie, darling  the picture of the little girl reminds me of you, though she's not as beautiful, she does an advert on television and she makes me smile, thinking of you my darling she's so cute.  John the little bits of prose etc. I found in my writing case  Auntie Mu sends me now and then. Not a little dig son but they do weigh up some situations and usually amusing. Weather is foul. Dark, damp, and drear.  Love you all very much  Mummy, Daddy Nennie Boris an Violet and of course little Daniel  I wish I could fly, I'd take off and land on your roof! What a surprize that would be! Loads of love to you all. Be good to each other   Mum and Nanna   X X X X X X X