»  Letter: Saturday, March 29, 1997

    E.A. Derbyshire to Nellie Derbyshire

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Saturday 29.3.97.    Lister House

My darling little Nellie, this card is specially for you because Daddy and Mummy tell me on the telephone you have been very poorly and I love you so much I could not bear to think about it. I am so far away all across the sea, I wanted to grow some wings so that I could come and help Mummy, but I am a really old lady now and I can only love you all by speaking on the phone. I love it when you say "Hi! Nanna," but you run away  I would like to know what you are doing at school and at home, and about your friends. Mummy and Daddy do tell me of course but it would be lovely if you told me. I get very lonely without you all and it makes me so happy when Daddy and Mummy call me then I think of your Grandpa in china and think how lucky i am that at least i have seen you and spoken to you on the phone   i hope it won't be too long before your Grandpa can come and see you all, that will make him very happy. It is a holiday time here in England. Aunty Judy called in yesterday and bought me a lovely big easter egg made of chocolate — yummy. I wish you had been here to share it, and Daniel of course. Wouldn't it be funny if I could fly and you would look up at the sky and say, "What's that funny old bird doing?"  Lots and lots of love   Hugs and kisse to you all

X X X X X X X    Nanna   X X X