»  Letter: Sunday, April 13, 1997

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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E A Derbyshire
Lister House, 105 Boughton
Green Rd, Kingsthorpe
Northampton, England
NN2. 7SU

John & Lynette Derbyshire.
15 Chestnut Street,
Huntington   N.Y
11743.   U.S.A.

April 13th97[1]

Hi my darlings, Mummy, Daddy, Nennie, Daniel, Boris and any other members of the family I don't know about! Sending you loving thoughts across the sea & through the air waves. John, the London Marathon is on & I've watched them on the Isle of Dogs, past the "Cutty Sark" which reminded me of my visit there when I sayed with you. How long ago? I can't remember, John, I'm feeling very mean & very guilty, when I spoke to you Friday I think I was whinging  sorry love  I hate myself for upsetting you, its this place is so depressing  I look around & see such vapid & miserable faces  but at least I can go to my own room where all my family are & think of the good & happy times you give me & still give me with your love & care. Your weekly calls cheer me up with news of Rose & the children  Forgive me, son, I feel so useless & a burden to you all, one you can do without, I'll try to be more positive & cheerful in the future. We had 2 deaths in the past week, one little old lady, also named Rose, I was quite fond of her, she was always cheerful & chatty, so were her son & his wife. They always stopped & had a word with me if I saw them  She went very suddenly  wonderful for her, but I really miss her, she was a dear old soul, one of the nicer ones  ah! well  inevitable  she was 96  Auntie Win is 90[2] on the 21st & apart from Mu & Fred has no one of her own. It is a beautiful Spring day, sun shining, though a bit chilly. Rose, the daffodils are over, tulips out, birds are courting & it's quite funny to watch them  the cock bird chasing the little hen & now & then she turns & looks back to see if he's still there  I hope your weather has improved.

Not much news, I rang Tess again & she seemed more cheerful  I think quite a bit is green eyed monster, though I can see both sides  she is at a critical stage, I think Rose will understand  I shall be glad when the baby[3] comes & I hope they put the brakes on then! Two babies are enough in these times  They are a very expensive & worrying. lots of love given & received I know. Love you all dearly & pray for your happiness & well being every minute  Always in my heart & thoughts  Loads of love to all, hugs & kisses to my little darlings & to my Big Ones.  Mother & Nanna.   X X X X X X



  1. A Sunday.
  2. Should be 91. I have Auntie Win's birth date from Cousin Terry as April 22, 1906. See also following letter.
  3. The future Tully McLeish, born August 1997.