»  Letter: Tuesday, April 22, 1997

    E.A. Derbyshire to John & Lynette Derbyshire

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MRS E. A. Derbyshire
Lister House, 105
Boughton Green Rd
Kingsthorpe, N'hants
NN2 7SU.

John, Lynette Derbyshire.
15 Chestnut Street,
Huntington,  N.Y.11743

April 22nd 1997

Hi darlings, just to say Thank You for the delightful pictures received today. They are as always delightful. Every Sunday morning I get out the albums, I now have 4 and look at all the pictures from the day Nellie was born, so they are all printed on my mind and I relive them when I can't sleep and I enter any new ones. John, I now have double vision, so I hope you can read this  Soon it will be sans hair sans eyes, already sans teeth but it seems God has no room for me yet so I soldier on! Peaggy only bothers how I look not how I feel! She's not very happy at the moment, she's got 2 empty beds & says she's losing money. The Social Services say they can't afford to pay for Residential Homes now, so they are sending fewer old people in  There's a great outcry now that there's no places for mentally ill people so many places have been closed down.. but the times we live in are sending more people over the edge!! more stress & suicides than ever, so I'd better keep my feet on the ground!! Even that's a problem at times. Where is it all going to end? I hope I've departed this life before too long. I feel such a burden to my family, you've all got enough to worry about  I'm all for euthanasia and when I look round I think you wouldn't let an animal suffer, like some poor things do. I at least I'm thankful that I don't suffer anything dire. Auntie Win was 91 on Monday[1] & Mu says she's just as malicious as ever & hasn't a good word for anyone. Poor old Win, she's really alone, I can't help feeling sorry for her. I've got so much, even Mu's only got Fred. Mandy's boys are grown up now & don't visit so much. Tess seems happier & she's had a scan & she's carrying a BOY[2] so they are both thrilled. I don't know if she's told her Mum yet so I shan't say anything to her tomorrow unless she mentions it first  I wish I could win the lottery & free you both, but it's highly unlikely  I don't do them anyway!! Love to know all is well with you  it makes me happy to hear you so soon be Friday again & look forward to seeing Jude tomorrow. Lots of love to all  Mum & Nanna
            Rose, Nellie Daniel Boris



  1. ?   I have Auntie Win's birth date from Cousin Terry as April 22, 1906. April 22 fell on Tuesday in 1997, so one of us is wrong here, I don't know which.
  2. The future Tully McLeish, born August 1997.