»  Letter: Monday, June 23, 1997

    E.A. Derbyshire to Nellie Derbyshire

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June 23rd 1997

My sweet darling granddaughter. I know it isn't your birthday yet. But I thought you would like this card as well[1]. So that you know how much I love you. I hope you have a happy time with your little brother and a lovely holiday with Mummy and Daddy and Daniel  Perhaps if I ring Mummy when you get back from your holiday you will speak to me on the phone. I do love to hear you but you will have to speak up a little more as I don't hear so well now  I know you are clever and beautiful, but you have a cleaver and beautiful Mummy and Daddy   I'm so happy you had a nice graduation day. John my pen ran out on me at tis stage. Lots of love to you all  Your loving Mother and Nanna

Love to Bris Nikit and all     X X X       X X X X X X X X X



  1. As well, that is, as Danny, whose 2nd birthday was coming up.