»  Letter: Tuesday, June 24, 1997

    E.A. Derbyshire to Danny Derbyshire

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Card front

Card back

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  Transcription of Letter

[Back of card]
I made this card especially for you darling
                 Your loving

Give Nellie a big hug & kiss for me
Love you all very much and all your little pets especially Boris   X X X X

[Card inside left]
For July 3rd but you may get it a bit earlier.

[Card inside right]
Darling little Daniel
You are 2 yrs old today. You look such a big boy in your pictures Daddy sends me with your big sister   How I long to see you perhaps one day, you are such a long way away & have to come in a BIG areoplane, but I love you very much & hope you have a lovely time with Nellie Mummy Daddy & Boris & friends