»  Letter: Friday, June 27, 1997

    E.A. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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Mrs E.A Derbyshire
Lister House ,  Kingsthorpe
Northampton  . England
NN2 .   7LS

John Derbyshire.  B Sc.
C S.  1st Boston – Credit Dept
11 Madison Avenue    7th Floor
NY 10010    36 & 29.
U.S A.

June 27th 1997

My dear & darling son

I am sending this to your office as I don't want Rosie to feel left out in any way  This may be the last letter I can write to you as I cannot hold a pen for long now. Your letter I received today was so lovely  I want you to know of course I understand your family & your & their happiness must come first & so far you have made a wonderful job of it  I must admit I had some some qualms at first  I thought the difference in age & culture might not work. Was it a gallant gesture on your part to "rescue" Rosie? her way of getting out of China? I'm sorry I didn't use the short time we had together to get to know her better. When I realized how happy she made you I grew to love her & all I want is for you to have a long & happy life together with your lovely children  I've never felt any jealousy of her because she made you happy  You've always been a "PROP" to me & I have used your shoulder to cry on. have & are very proud of you  Of course I love Judith dearly but I could always sense something in her that would not let go. so like Dad in so many ways  I think we are closer now & I love to see her. I can say things to you I can't say to her  she'd think me a silly old fool. I thank "God"s for you both  Yes, I am weary & I feel I can no longer fight on  I hate the daily routine, the endless bickerings over minor things. The incidence of the commode at night was the last straw & I said a lot of things to Peggy I regret but she's so insensitive & shows no compassion to anyone  all she wants is money. (Don't we all)!? I feel I've go no one to fight "my battles" for me but you are a good & loving son & daughter  I remember the happy times we've had together, when you came home from London & called "I'm home"  We've laughed & cried together son, its part of life  I often feel I didn't do enough to make your lives more bearable when you were children and teenagers, but all things considered you have both become caring & loving children. & parents yourselves  Bless you both. It would be wonderful to see you & Ollie, but it would be better still to see you altogether. However I mustn't be greedy  I am thankful for small mercies & consider myself a very lucky Mother & Grandmother. I want to fill this letter with love & understanding, so don't worry about me  Much as I hate it here, I don't really want the hassle of moving, but we'll talk about it when you come. at times I feel I shall be out of your lives for good & relieve you all of the burden of an aging mother and you can get on with your lives  I am scared of out-living you both  I want & hope you have many happy years yet ahead  Thank you for everything. That means all of you  I know it hasn't been easy for you or Judith & I've tried to make it as easy as possible. by not asking too much of you

Love you & hope this letter reassures you a little bit. If I haven't always dealt with things as I should have, forgive me
Be happy, keep in good health, "Win the lottery"   I am, as always
           Your loving & devoted
                Mother, Grand     
      mother & Great Granny
X  X  X  X  X  X  X
Don't ever lose touch with Judith, she really does love you in her way!!  I know you love her.!!