»  Letter: July(?), 1997

    E.A. Derbyshire to Nellie Derbyshire

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Darling Nellie, please give this to Daddy & Mummy. I can't see very well now or hold a pen for long, so I'm writing this while I can. The pictures of you & Daniel are as always, delightful & I keep looking at them. It made me unhappy to see you crying, I like to see your smiling happy face, but I'm sure tears are soon washed away & I hope kissed away. I love to get pictures of you & Daniel in case you can't come to see me yet. I think of you all all the time as I sit in my little room & have your pictures all around me. I also have 4 albums of you all & every Sunday I get them out & look at them again, your dear faces are printed on my mind & when I go to bed at night I imagine them all over again. I hope your Grandpa from China will be able to visit you soon, he loves you too so much, you are very special children & very dear to us. God bless you both & Mummy & Daddy. Love you   I hope you like the picture of your loving & devoted Nanna
           Boris  X X X   and Mother X X X