»  1950s Northampton — The 2½-inch Maps

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Here are the 1 : 25,000-scale (that is, about 2½ inches to a mile) Ordnance Survey maps for Northampton and the area immediately surrounding the town. They bear the following dating information:

Printed and Published by the Director General of the Ordnance Survey, Chessington, Surrey, 1955.

Compiled from 6″ sheets last fully revised 1899-1938.
Other partial systematic revision 1937-1950 has been incorporated.

The maps are, in any case, a close representation of the town as it was during my childhood.

There are two sheets here. The northern sheet is SP76 in the Ordnance Survey numbering system of the time; the southern one, SP75. I have divided each sheet into six sections for viewing. To view a section in detail, click on the appropriate thumbnail here.