»  Restoration of the Eleanor Cross

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Queen Eleanor's Cross, near which I spent my childhood, was subjected to some careful cleaning and restoration in the early 1980s.

As part of the project, Northampton Borough Council produced a curious little booklet titled Restoration of the Eleanor Cross. The booklet was obviously written by a local antiquarian, though oddly the author's name does not appear in it anywhere.

The booklet offers some original and interesting speculations about the original shape of the cross. There is a good deal about Queen Eleanor's Cross(es) on the internet, but nothing like these speculations. I have therefore reproduced them here.

The booklet has 28 pages of text and diagrams, with some front and back matter. I have set up each booklet page image as a separate web page, with previous/next links on each web page for easy reading. With the links below you can start at "Front cover" and just read through, or you can go to any particular page immediately.

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