»  Letter: Monday, March 24, 1975

    J.R. Derbyshire to John Derbyshire

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J R Derbyshire
62 Friars Avenue

John Derbyshire
57 North Perkins Avenue
New York 10532

62 Friars Av  N,ton  24-3-75

Dear John,

Your welcome letter to hand & Mum will be writing to you as well this week. We were so relieved to know you were OK. I wanted her to wait till her birthday  I said if he forgets your Birthday then I will worry with you, but she was to worked up to wait. She phoned New York 5 times & couldn't get through. She phoned Information who put her through to International who asked her what number she had been calling as New York Exchange had burnt to the ground, so when Mum gave her the number she said you have your figures to many so she cut N.Y.s number out & that is how she got through first time but you wer'nt at home so I suggested early morning your time, before you departed.

I think as I read your letter you are trying to hard & to much, if you want to get that College Degree you must ease up on other interests as social, & look at it as the thing you want, to ease your way in the future as you only get out of it what you put into it & if you move up to quick there may be a bit of Green Eyed by some in the office there generally is but dont let it worry you, look after yourself. I hope you have a good trip to Atlanta[1]  I got it mixed up with Atlantic City when I said it was seaside sorry I bouy your hopes  Atlanta is Deep South & Warm  Judith was there when Allan was at Fort Brigg & I think he has relatives there now but I can't ask Judith as she has gone off to Austria for 2 weeks with her fancy man who is a Jew & has relatives there  Tessa is with us  She answered when you rang  She is lovely but I dont know what impression it will leave on her mind for after years, as she is cut in three with Mum, Judith & Allan  she loves them all & wants them all to be together & its difficult to make her understand  Still thats life.

You must have had a job with your crossword that is what I mean dont let anything get in your way or you will always regret it. You had one chance at University this may be the main one, so either buckle down to it or drop it, one of these you must do at the expence of the other. I am glad you have taken up Tennis  its a fine game if you start right & remember, we all have our own natural talent & just improve on it with practice & dont let anyone try to alter it. A good player will show you the basic strokes but dont copy him but do them your way. We are joging along  some days I feel 100 & others I feel 30 again  I try to keep fit  I walk about 4 miles after breakfast  some days its an effort & others no trouble. I eat well so I just go from day to day. I think your car has done you good service  you were lucky, how many miles to the gallon, that is the thing that counts. Judith bought a banger £75 to try & pass her test  its outside here  the weather can't do any damage to it  1963 Ford Anglia.

The weather here is awful  Rain & more Rain then sunshine all with a North East Gale that will freeze you  I can't remember the last time we had a nice day, but I hope it wont be long as cold weather is one thing I can't stand a lot of it. I had a letter from Auntie Polly who will be 80 in August  she used to fly to South Africa to her daughters every year  Noel & me went to her husband (Uncle Eddie) funeral last year he was 80 yrs. I dont think I shall make that. Auntie Cissie & Fred are just the same  nothing much alters, even the weather. I dont want to sound morbid, but at my age one is liable to slip out of this world at a minutes notice & if & when it does I dont want you to risk coming over here (now you are settled) if you can't get back again as I am nothing to worry about & apart from our family wont be missed & you are (I hope) settled & it better there than here so dig in & stay put but keep single without you meet someone with a good bank balance, because its only sex & when its there, when you dont want it, is more off putting than anything  that's the worst of marriage.

        Well you have put your foot in it you forgot to sign your cheque you sent Mum. Well all for now just look after yourself & dont leave it so long before you contact us again as you know what Mum is so Cheerio for now  all the best  thinking about you

                Love Dad  X X X X X



  1. At about this time my firm sent me on a business trip to Atlanta.