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In February 2007 I engaged in an online discussion with Joey Kurtzman of the website Jewcy.com about (or at any rate, starting from) the theories of Kevin MacDonald. I was invited to debate Joey because I had reviewed MacDonald's book The Culture of Critique a couple of years before.

In the course of the debate with Joey, I referred more than once to the 1994 fuss over William Cash's article "Kings of the Deal," published in the London Spectator. Since that fuss was twelve years in the past, and many readers of Jewcy would not know what I was talking about, I have scanned in (a) William Cash's "Kings of the Deal" article in the 10/29/94 Spectator, and (b) Dominic Lawson's article "Taboo or not Taboo" from the 11/19/94 Spectator. Lawson was at that time the editor of the Spectator, and "Taboo or not Taboo" was his response to the fuss. I have also provided here (c) the "Letters" columns from that latter issue of the Spectator.

This has just been a quick'n'dirty scan'n'post job, with one magazine page per image. Click on the thumbnails below to read the articles.


[Added June 2012]

In "Taboo or not Taboo," Dominic Lawson writes at length about Amity Shlaes' article "Black Mischief," which appeared in the 1/1/94 issue of his magazine.

I wanted to refer to "Black Mischief" in something I was writing recently, but could not find it on the internet. I have therefore scanned it in from the microfilm copy at the New York Public Library Periodicals Section. Unfortunately this is old microfilm technology and the quality is not very good. It's certainly readable, though.


•  William Cash's "Kings of the Deal" article:

10-29-04 p1 10-29-04 p2 10-29-04 p3


•  Cover of the 11/19/94 Spectator:

11-19-94 Cover


•  Dominic Lawson's "Taboo or not Taboo" article:

11-19-94 p1 11-19-94 p2 11-19-94 p3 11-19-94 p4 11-19-94 p5


•  Letters columns:

11-19-94 p6 11-19-94 p7


•  Amity Shlaes' "Black Mischief" article:

1-1-94 p10 1-1-94 p11 1-1-94 p12